Become Your Own Teacher

Take your Practice to The Next Level


Deepen your understanding and your practice without spending tons of time and money on yoga teacher training.


This is for You if…. 

  • You want to take teacher training but aren’t sure if you’re ready.
  • You want to take teacher training primarily to deepen your own practice, and don’t really want to get into teaching just yet..
  • You’re tired of practicing yoga and meditation without really deeply understanding what are you doing and why.


How do I know this course is going to work for you?

  1. Because I’ll always make sure you understand why it is important to learn and to practice the concepts and exercises in this course.
  2. Because I make sure that you are receiving only the information that you really need in order to achieve your missions (including a lot of stuff most teachers don’t talk about).
  3. Because I know that “theory without practice is useless”. At the end of each video class, you’ll get homework that will get you directly into action.
  4. Because when you talk about your actions, they gain more power! You will be encouraged to share your homework with our closed Slack group or with me directly (I know that sometimes this stuff can be a bit sensitive or private).
  5. Because I follow up. If you share all of your homework you will get a free full one-on-one hour with me + a 25% discount if case you want to continue our conversation and get more one-on-one support from me.  


So How Do You Become Your Own Teacher?

Mission One:

Prepare the ground

Make use of the ancient wisdom of yoga in your daily life. Get your act clean and create a strong foundation for your spiritual growth.

Mission Two:

Reconnect with your body

Understand what stands behind your yoga practice.

Build your own poses, sequences and breathing exercises.

Mission Three:

Make your mind an ocean

Find the right meditation for you and start to practice regularly and with ease. Learn how to support yourself when difficulties come.

Want to know more? You can see the full itinerary here.


Investing in Your Yoga Practice

The cost of signing up for each mission is 50€.

Each mission includes five video classes, with a new video sent to you every three days. You will need to invest between 15-20 minutes a few times a week to watch your video classes, and another 10-20  for doing your homework and sharing it.


Just 20 minutes, a few days a week, can completely transform your practice.

How much time you will invest in chatting with me and with the group after that is totally up to you. 🙂


What else can you do with 50€?

  • Pay for a 1/10 of a 200-hour yoga teacher training
  • or 1/5 of a yoga retreat
  • or 1/2 one day seminar.


  • Buy one pair of fancy yoga pants
  • or one decent yoga mat
  • or 10 chai lattes

Registration is currently closed, But it will open soon…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the full itinerary?

Of course. Just click here.


Why Slack?

Because it is user-friendly,  free and it is not as crowded as Facebook or whatsapp groups.


What if in the end, I find I just don’t have time?

I know that sometimes life happens and good plans go astray. Once purchased, the videos will be yours forever to stream or to download. The support from me and from the community will also be available for you at any time.


What if I don’t like it?

If after the first video class you are dissatisfied, and you share that with me before the next video class (3 days later), you will get 90% of your money (45€) back. After that point, refunds are not possible. If possible, please share with me your reasons for wanting the refund. I appreciate all constructive criticism and ideas on how to improve the program.


Registration is currently closed, But it will open soon…

If you want to be the first to know when it opens again, just leave your name and email