The Two Most Important Things You should Know about Pranayama

First, What is Pranayama?
It is the practice of controlling the breath through different breathing exercises.
By controlling your breathing, you affect the energy of your body and your mind.

When it comes to Pranayama, I see a lot of students who feel like they have to perfect this.
Pranayama is an excellent practice, but don’t force it on yourself. Your body changes every day, and throughout each day. Be aware of how your body is feeling, and while it’s good to push yourself a bit, don’t force yourself.

Is the Way to Hell Really Paved With Good Intentions?

Why Do We Practice Asanas?

Everybody has their own reasons why they choose to practice yoga.

For some, it’s a way to improve their fitness and strength. Or perhaps you are practicing yoga as a way to relax.

My own reasons for practicing yoga are a bit different, and might give you insight as to the deeper benefits of practicing asanas.

The best Meditation to do when Feeling Helpless

It doesn’t happen often. But the other week, I experienced a lot of personal drama.  I went through a lot of anger, resentment and doubt. And it was all pretty horrible. I have tried to just observe my body and mind, and felt how my heart became like a stone.

Luckily, just before descending into the feeling of hopelessness, I thought about this amazing meditation I used to practice.

The Best Meditation Advice I Ever Got

In June, I attended a weekend seminar with my very beloved teacher Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo. The course was named “Mindfulness and Shamatha-Meditation.”

In the past, this topic would have been automatically categorized in my brain as “something I suck at” and “events I get bored in.” But, I knew that Jetsunma is not an ordinary teacher, and she doesn’t come to my town everyday. And surprisingly enough, my newly found interest in Zen helped me realize that I may have improved over the years when it comes to meditation, giving me a chance to appreciate it more.


So I went.

And it was wonderful!