Practice as if life is short, work as if you would live forever

In Buddhism, there is a saying: “Practice as if your head is on fire”. They say it is a direct quote of the historical Buddha himself, but nowadays, who knows?

In all spiritual paths, you will find a sense of urgency when it comes to practicing. As we all know, spiritual practice is not necessary for our basic survival. One can live a pretty comfortable life without it. Most people would not bother to dig deeper into their spiritual being … until the shit hits the fan.

It’s very unfortunate, but from my experience, that is too often true.

But to be honest, spiritual practice is actually not the kind of thing you want to postpone and procrastinate on. You don’t really want to wait until it’s too late.

The Ultimate “Productivity Hack” is Not What I Thought it Would Be

As I am working more and more on the online part of the business (this website) I find myself becoming more and more of a productivity geek. As the amount of tasks are growing, along with their relative complexity, I feel like I need to focus on improving my productivity. And there are all kinds of apps and tools available now, aimed at helping people become more productive.

The Beginner Mind

After eight years of being devoted to Tibetan Buddhism I decided, for many reasons, to try out the Zen center next to my house. (The main reason was, of course, the proximity to my house.)

At my first visit, I was surprised by a new state of mind that I hadn’t experienced for a long time: the beginner mind.

My busy, “thinks it’s a master” mind was refreshed by this long-forgotten wind of the beginner experience. It felt so damn good — and humbling.

How Does a Song Get Born?

A while back, I saw a great band called The Angelcy in concert. I don’t go to concerts that much anymore, but when the Angelcy came to my town, I made an exception.

The main reason was, of course, their amazing “kick all parts of your being” music. But the deeper reason is more interesting to write about. (I’m not yet a music blogger, after all.)


The story begins in 2009 when I met Rotem Bar Or at a wandering hippies’ three-month festival called “Walk about Love”.