The best Meditation to do when Feeling Helpless

It doesn’t happen often. But the other week, I experienced a lot of personal drama.  I went through a lot of anger, resentment and doubt. And it was all pretty horrible. I have tried to just observe my body and mind, and felt how my heart became like a stone.

Luckily, just before descending into the feeling of hopelessness, I thought about this amazing meditation I used to practice.

My top spiritual Books that you Should Check Out

In yoga, there is a term called Svadhyaya, who simply means: “Study of the sacred scriptures and of one’s self”

I find this concept very important, we all still have things that we can learn about, we can all deepen and expand our education at any point in life  For me, it is a part of staying humble and open minded.


So I gathered my most beloved sacred books, for you to enjoy this winter:

How to Deal with Feeling Overwhelmed?

1. Remember that you are in a good company. Everybody is overwhelmed nowadays — it’s an epidemic. First of all, look at how much media is around you: outdoor advertisements, television, the internet, and social media.

This constant barrage of information often leads to us creating extremely high expectations from ourselves, so we suffer from feelings of being overwhelmed, both inside and out.