Personal Practice

Plan No more frustration trying to keep to a spiritual routine,  Develop and experience the best Personal Practice Plan for you now!

Many of us know the benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice; it increases your well being, health and ability to concentrate. It can even bring you to enlightenment….

But still, although we know all the benefits, many of us still struggle to practice regularly. From my long time experience as a student and teacher, the main reason for this struggle is a lack of a good, personalized, followed up plan.

But now you have another option:

In only six meetings I will help you establish a Personal Practice Plan that will be a precise fit to your needs, wishes and abilities and will set you up for spiritual progress.

My philosophy for building your plan is simple:

Dream Big, Start Small, Act Now

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How does it work?

The Personal Practice Planning service consists of six consultations:

1. Introductory 

In this first meeting we take the time to get to know each other.  This is where I get from you all the information I need in order to build you a personal plan that precisely suits your wishes, abilities and expectations.

2. Personal Plan Part One – Presentation

A week after our introductory meeting I will walk you through the first part of your plan, giving you all the instructions  and information you will need to see it through. We can discuss and clarify all the problems, questions and worries that might come up, so you feel confident going forward.

3. Personal Plan Part One – Follow up

After two weeks of implementation time, we have had the chance to see how it goes. Now we meet to discuss issues, solve problems and answer questions that presented during the initial implementation.  We make any small adjustments that may be necessary. This phase is crucial for real integration of the practice in your life.

4. Personal Plan Part Two – Presentation

Congratulations! You’ve been following your personal plan for an entire month!  After all that practice it’s time to move to the next level. Maybe you can do a bit more, for a bit longer?  Perhaps it is time to attempt something a bit different, or more advanced. In this meeting we decide how best to approach the next four weeks of work.

5. Second part of plan- Follow up

Six weeks after we began, I follow up on your progress and your feelings. Maybe you are already seeing change – great! I make sure that all your doubts are addressed and that you are feeling comfortable in your practice as we move into the final phase of the plan.

6. Looking into the future

In our very last meeting, more then two month since we first met, we start to look into your independent future with your plan. You have now the experience and the tools and we can see together how do you want to go further.

Who is this good for?

This six-meeting plan is best for people who are serious about building a regular spiritual practice routine for themselves.  If you are already trying to establish a spiritual routine but aren’t finding success then I can help.  If you already have a spiritual routine but find it hard to keep it up then I can help.  If you are so confused that you don’t even know where to start then I can help. If you are curious and want to give it a real try and see what happens then I can help.  

But if you are not willing to take a commitment, be serious and make an effort - I can not help.  I will make a plan that is precisely tailored to your personal needs, wishes and abilities. I will give you all the best recommendations, tips and tricks that will fit your situation as best as possible, but the application is up to you.

What is the investment?


The meetings take place online, from the comfort of your own home and according to your schedule. No drive time needed.  Every meeting will last for about an hour and will be held every other week (i.e. each meeting is two weeks apart) in order to give sufficient time for implementation.  The amount of time needed to be invested in the execution of the plan is totally up to you and will be decided at the first meeting.


The first call is free!  In order to make it easier for you (and me) to see if the decision to make this plan is a good one,  you can book the first call for free with no further obligation.

After that you have three payment options, according to your needs and abilities:

Other FAQ

I really want to have a personal practice plan but I find it hard to invest the money, are they other options?
Yes, we can barter! Thanks to my amazing friends at Credex, we can easily barter for this service. Check out all the details here

I know you are from Israel can we make the meetings in Hebrew?
Of course.  The service is available in English, Hebrew and German.

Can we also meet in person?
Right now all meetings takes place online through Google Hangouts, but if you live in Berlin and want to meet in person it might be possible. Please contact me in private.

What if I need more time between the meetings?
No problem! By arrangement an implementation time of more than two weeks between meetings is possible


I am not a therapist, a coach or a healer.
I am a certified yoga teacher with further training as a teach for people with disabilities.
This is not a yoga therapy and there is no kind of healing promised here.
If you have any mental or physical health issues, please let me know about them in advance and use the service only as an additional self-help and not as a replacement for professional medical care.