Where are you taking refuge?

As well as being a yoga teacher, I also have another job, helping families in difficult situations. So, I have a chance to meet daily with people who are in a struggle with their health or who are overwhelmed with a new family situation.

It gives me a small insight into how different people deal with new and unwelcome situations.

The main difference that I see is between people who have a place where they can go for refuge and people who don’t.

Tantra- Not What You Were Thinking

Today, I’d like to bust a misconception about a practice that you may have heard of, and that is Tantra.

First of all, Tantra actually has little to do with anything sexual. Instead, tantra is simply a different way to view one’s spiritual path.

Traditionally, when we talk about the spiritual path we talk about practicing, practicing, practicing, and developing your mind. And eventually you reach a goal, be it enlightenment or liberation from suffering, or whatever your goal is in your practice.

The best Meditation to do when Feeling Helpless

It doesn’t happen often. But the other week, I experienced a lot of personal drama.  I went through a lot of anger, resentment and doubt. And it was all pretty horrible. I have tried to just observe my body and mind, and felt how my heart became like a stone.

Luckily, just before descending into the feeling of hopelessness, I thought about this amazing meditation I used to practice.

My top spiritual Books that you Should Check Out

In yoga, there is a term called Svadhyaya, who simply means: “Study of the sacred scriptures and of one’s self”

I find this concept very important, we all still have things that we can learn about, we can all deepen and expand our education at any point in life  For me, it is a part of staying humble and open minded.


So I gathered my most beloved sacred books, for you to enjoy this winter: