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Yoga for Depression

Yoga for Depression might not a cure, but it can definitely support you in your recovery process.

Slow movements, a glimpse of stillness and some introspection, can go a long way.


I know that it might be very hard to do something good for yourself right now.

But it doesn’t matter if you start with just a ten minutes meditation or a simple yoga practice,

starting is the most important part.

On this page, you can find a few simple practices to start with.

The process is fast and easy and you can come back to it at any time.

Yoga for Depression I cannot solve this

Some questions are just really hard to answer.
If you have a question or problem that has been burning in you for awhile, and you still can not figure it out, this short meditation can help you find within yourself the clues and solutions you seek.

Yoga for Depression I can not get off the sofa

We all have days when we just don’t feel like getting off the sofa, but we still want to do something good for ourselves.
In this video, you can join a full yoga class that will give you energy and motivation, without leaving your sofa.

Yoga for Depression Just got my period

Unfortunately, a lot of us women don’t always know how to support our body in this part of our feminine cycle.
In this video, you can join a full yoga class that will help you reconnect with your body in a positive and nonjudgmental way.

Yoga for Depression- We Broke up

Even when you feel that everything is falling apart, you can always do something to support yourself.
In this video you can join a full yoga class that will help you find grounding and balance.

Yoga for Depression I lost all motivation

Motivation is an important but tricky thing. It is the basis for everything we do and yet, it is constantly changing.
This short meditation will help you to gain new motivation and a new perspective on your goals and desires.